Universal Credit explained

Who is Universal Credit for? It’s for people who: 

  • are on a low income 
  • need help with living costs 
  • are working (including self-employed or part-time) 
  • are out of work 
  • have a health condition that affects their ability to work 

It is replacing 6 older benefits including tax credits, and helps you get the financial support you’re entitled to in one place. 

With Universal Credit, you may also be eligible for more financial support to cover other things such as childcare and housing costs. You may get a work coach, who can give you tailored guidance on improving your skills and progressing at work to help you support your family. 

This video with Chelsea, explains everything you need to know about moving to Universal Credit.

Moving to Universal Credit may feel like a big change but many people have already made their move. Read Paul’s story about moving to Universal Credit.

If you’re claiming Universal Credit and find yourself out of work unexpectedly, your Universal Credit payment will adjust automatically to support you. If you want to take on more work, you may still be eligible for Universal Credit, which will adapt to your income and could continue to top up your wages when you’re in work.